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 Rules for Creating Expansions

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Tredog Administrator

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PostSubject: Rules for Creating Expansions   Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:23 pm

1. Expansions must be accepted before posted in Solo or Group Expansion section.
2. Do not put Expansions in he submit section until you have posts them in the expansion section, and they have been confirmed perfect
3. When you want to do an expansion check to make sure no one has done it already
4. Make sure to give credit to everyone who helped or sprited for your expansion
5. Must use checklist, minor changes to it are fine, but no other checklist will be accepted
6. Before starting a topic, make sure you have [u]at least 1 animation[/u]
7. Background color must not in anyway match the palette of the sprite in the animation
8. Make sure you do not have black or white backgrounds for your animation.
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Rules for Creating Expansions
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