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 Forum Rules

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Silence Mod

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:04 pm

1. Spam in any form, may not be posted outside of the spam section.

2. Illegal content may not be posted in the forum.

3. You may not post spam outside of the spam section.

4. Double posting, etc, is not allowed unless it was the cause of a computer glitch, or if you are updating your own topic.

5. Rude remarks directed at any social group, (race, gender etc), will not be tolerated

6. Adult content (links, pictures etc.) are not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

7. You may not advertise your own forum, or other sites without Tredog777'S permission.

8. Requesting/demanding a lock on someone else's topic is not allowed.

9. Do not post in topics that have not been posted in for a month, unless you are updating your own thread.

10. The creation of alternate accounts will result in a permanent ban.

11. Do not flame other users. All members participating in flaming a user will be warned as well.

12. Do not ask to be a moderator or administrator.

Failure to follow the above rules will result with at least a warning or a ban, depending on how the rule was broken.


1. Very large signatures and avatars are not permitted and you will be asked to remove them or they will be removed by an administrator.

2. If you plan on leaving the forum forever, do not make a topic about it. PM your closest friends and say goodbye, your topic will be closed. If leaving for a short while (trip, life issues, etc) it is fine to make an informing topic.
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Forum Rules
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