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 Acception Rules (Must Read)

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Acception Rules (Must Read) Vote_lcap0%Acception Rules (Must Read) Vote_rcap
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Acception Rules (Must Read) Vote_lcap0%Acception Rules (Must Read) Vote_rcap
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Acception Rules (Must Read) Empty
PostSubject: Acception Rules (Must Read)   Acception Rules (Must Read) Icon_minitimeWed Jul 01, 2009 9:37 pm

Rules for the users:

1. Any Expansion posted here without the checklist will be given a small amount of time before it can be autodeclined. Checklist can be found here.
2. Any Expansion without a poll must be given a poll like the sample poll on this topic.
3. An Expansion must have atleast one animation or it can be autodeclined.
4. An Expansion will be given the time of a week, or it must have five votes. Depending on the majority of the vote, it can be sent to locked or one of the two groups.
5. If an Expansion does not have 5 votes by the end of the week given, it will be judged by the votes it has, if it has 0 votes, it will be autodeclined.
6. If an Expansion does not seem worthy to any of the EAT, (By means of quality of the animations or sprite), it can be autodeclined.
7. An Expansion will be sent to one of two groups if it is accepted. The group you wish to send it to must be specified by the user, and if it is a group, and who is in the group must be specified.

Rules for the members of the Expansion Acception Team (EAT):

1. Just because you do not like an Expansion doesnt mean it can be autodeclined. Please judge by the animation and sprite, not by the character or user.
2. If I find a member is being unruly, he/she will be removed from the EAT.
3. You should always give a vote, when is up to you, but do it within the week of the Expansion.
4. If you find a topic without a poll, please add one and make sure to vote.
5. If you find an Expansion that is more then a week old or has five votes, please send it to its specified topic.

Thank you to Deux for making the original set of rules.

If you have any rules you wish to be added, private message me
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Acception Rules (Must Read)
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