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 Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09)

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Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) Empty
PostSubject: Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09)   Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 8:06 pm

Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) E5news12
Its time for news! Welcome to Channel 5 Expansions news!

Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) Me
Tonight, we have our most special guest on the chatbox. Demi777
Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) DemiTag
Demi777 has been on the forums since 2009-06-02, and is already a celebrity
He is the first user to break -200 Rep, at his current record of -270!
He has also broken 100 warning more then once.
Silence (MiniGamer) will now show us all how the interview went
And later, SK with sports!
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Silence Mod
Silence Mod

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Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09)   Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 21, 2009 8:40 pm

This is an interview involving Demi777 a true noob who is part gay, to young to be on this forum. Demi777 is a big celebrity around these forums as of being the " number 1 Noob. " He has -269 Reputation the lowest in Expansion forum history. He is hated by most not if all members and with 99 warning points. here is an interview involving Silence ( me ) Tredog,, Suli and Lili ( mostly Lili ). We hope you Enjoy

Note: We know some of our questions are weird and don't make sense but hey it's the chatbox what do you expect? Crazy shit happends there.

Silence: Why did you say that stuff in the " Others section " Topic Territory War online?

Demi : it was a mistake to Silence


Lili: Do you really beat off everyone is dying to know

Demi: No


Lili: What is your opinion about the british?

Demi: There ok


Silence: Most people call you Noobish do you agree?

Demi: No I'm not a noob,

Suli: are you sure?



Lili: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?

Demi: It does, just because there was no people to hear doesn't mean it didn't fall


Silence: Do you think your fit to be a Moderator?

Demi: I guess so


Silence: Who is your least favorite person on the forums?

Demi: Chaosvii


Silence: Who is your favorite person on the forums?

Demi: Almost everyone


Silence: oh really? Would you beat off to almost everyone?

Demi: Yes


Lili: Coke or pepsi?

Demi: They taste the same to me


Suli: Are you old enough to be on this forum?

Demi: I like rootbeer


Lili: What religion are you?

Demi: I am christian and I like God " Nubers "


Lili: Do you hate gays, catholics, tredog, expansion admins, Christian haters, scientologist, and gay marriage?

Demi: No I dont care for gays, ( theres a boy in my class who is )

Lili: Oh so besides you there's another Bisexual boy in your class?

Demi: Yes


Lili: I love what you did Rorscharch, What about you? Did you think it was Orgasmic? Did you think it was more Orgasmic then other expansions like Saruto the recolor?

Demi: Yep, i'm going to a video game camp. i'm hoping that helps?


Lili: Do you have a Girlfriend?

Demi; I had one but she forgot my name so I broke up with her


Lili: is it possible you were both knocked up at the same time?

Demi: Im freaking 10

note; Funny thing is he said i'm 10. his response should have been i'm a boy


Lili: Do you suffer from any mental disease, problems, issues, etc.?

Demi: When I stand up I have to move left and right

Lili: Left and right... i see


Lili: does your shift key or caps lock work on your computer?

Demi: Sometimes


Lili: Ok last question, if me dox and Kiki were in a mud wrestling competition who would win?

Demi: I dont know


Lili: ok since you dont know, out of a Fist fight who would win? Tredog, Cuccio, or Chaosvii?

Demi: Um i'll say there knock themsevles out

Note: that exactly how he typed it themsevles


Truly amazing,

Now we want to hear your ( or see ) Your opinions?

Who will win in a mud wrestling competition?

Who will win in a fist fight? TELL US YOUR OPINION!

This has been Silence with the Special Interview. now here is Shadow Kirby with the sports
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Our Guest Star Tonight, Demi777! (06/21/09)
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