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 undergoing changes

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Tredog Administrator

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PostSubject: undergoing changes   Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:20 pm

the forums might be undergoing an addition
for those of you from mg forums, or McleodGaming, you may have noticed forums, like mcleodgaming, flash and art, etc.
and in those forums are sub forums like ssf2 developers forum, spriters corner, general flash, etc.
well expansion forums have forums, but no subforums
i ask that you please cooperate as i undergo a forum change to the same style as McleodGaming
i put this in extras so that i may talk to you and discuss what sub forums should be, and i already have some in mind
it is not going to go in order of a liking of nintendo, sega, etc.
in forgotten expansions, there will be not able to go on expansion (i request someone thinks of a shorter name)
in expansions there will be need help, group, and solo expansion sub forums
in extra's there will be art, spam, polls, and whatever else you guys may want
in sprites there will be one for awsome sheets but you dont want to do them, and one for sheets for your expansions
if i am missing anything you see as helpful to the forums, let me know and if it is really needed i will add it
i will start this in possibly three days, as i have a load of yard work to do tomorrow (saturday) and my aunts baby shower is at my house the next day (sunday)
so i will hopefully start this monday
this is in attempt to keep the forums more organized and more to the liking of no spam, unless in spam
the reason this will take so long is deciding which topic goes in which subforum, the names of subforums, and how exactly i will accomplish this
if anyone objects to this statement, please post it in the following link
please click here
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undergoing changes
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