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 The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08

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Tredog Administrator
Tredog Administrator

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PostSubject: The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:02 pm

Hello, Tredog here with the headline news
we will have a visit form suli explaining the first ever Mod Election Debate, where people gather to compete in running to be mod
currently, the two partys, and the independents, are as followed
They are all competing with thier want and burning desire to be mods, with the current leaders as follow
-Orangocans -ElementalCrisis
-Purplocrats - tied for TheNinjaPenguin and MegaBlueSquirrel
-Indigpendent - no current leader, for they are all a seperate run
and with that said, suli will fill you in on the rest

as for other news, i have added a new passage bellow Submit Expansions, rather then saying "submit your Expansions here" i said that it should be finished in order to submit

as for bonus features the "Spanish Group" was created, it is for Users who are or speak spanish

We have a chance of getting a visit from dude for the weather, but the chances are a bit slim

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suliboy admin
suliboy admin

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PostSubject: Re: The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:29 pm

So, here's the current update on the mod debate!

Quote :

What will you do to help that the purplocrats or orangocans won't?
- I will crack down on stupidity by calling it out every chance I get. I will
also advertise this forum so that we can find more quality members. As for sucky
expansions, I will not directly attack them, but I have a plan to reward the good ones
and promote creativity amongst the expansions while making it easier to
navigate. I have other things I'd like to do, but I do not think it would
be as far if I hogged this debate into myself.

How would you think that you could improve forum activity as a moderator
when you are less known and also how do you differ in this issue as part
of the independant party?
- As part of the independant party, I will not let my side tell me what
to do (since my side isnt technically I side) nor will I view any side
as my enemy. This will allow me to moderate fairly and without prejudice which
would impair my ability to do my job. As for influencing the forum without being
well-known, fame is overrated. Some of the best things in history came from
no name geniuses. Einstein was a patent clerk before he became a physicist.
Think that stopped him from redefinining physics as we know it? I'd rather
be elected for what I will do rather than what I have done.

What would you do as moderator in terms of increasing forum activity towards
creation of good expansions?

I would call out the poor ones, pointing out why they are poor
and suggesting how they can be better, but I would reward
expansions that were well thought out, creative, well made
animation-wise, etc. I'd begin a rating system for expansions
in which there would be a team of "expansion experts" whose
expansions are thought highly of, can speak civilly, and can
unbiasly rate an expansion. I would also have an evaluation team
of the creator's peers. I would only allow offical
evaluations on requests, and each would cost one W-Point.
Upon the completeion of evaluation, if the expansion was highly-rated,
the creator would recieve W-Points and have their expansion
featured on an archive post. If it was poorly rated, the creator
would not get any W-points and get featured on a
lower-prestige archive post.

How would you explain a qualified mod by his/her use of power?
a mod is someone who keeps the peace. Someone who isn't afraid to hurt a
few feelings if it means making the forums a better place. Someone
who can make this place a more enjoyable place to be, but with a few
more privaleges than a normal user.


How will you help the forums?
Well, I would do a multitude of things. First off I would keep spamming
to a minimum by possibly trying to convince SF to allow more Spam Patrol
members. Lastly, I would have field officers as you might call it who could
watch the MG forums to see if anyone suspicious does anything. That way,
we could watch for that person and keep the forums free.


What would you do as moderator in terms of increasing forum activity towards
creation of good expansions?

I would tell the person what they're doing wrong *as in saving sprites as
png's*. If they refuse, I would tell them that is the only way to
get their expansions submitted.
I would tell them about any bad expansions I can find and ask them if he
or she likes them. *If he/she says yes I will assume they have no taste in
expansions and refer them to a higher mod for lessons on good taste in
I always have wanted to be a mod somewhere and this could be
my only chance.
Tredog: So you are seeing this as a way to gain power rather
then to help?
*Well, I want to be able to help people with making expansions*
How will you help the forums other than improving expansions and getting power?
Well, there will be a day when noobs come to the forums? I want to be able
to help stop them when they do show up.
-How do you actually stop noobs?
Well, I feel that as mod, I will have the power to do so.
-You can't really stop noobs...just help them.
I've always wanted to be a moderator somewhere, *and I feel this is my best chance*


What would you do as moderator in terms of increasing forum activity towards
creation of good expansions?

What would you do as moderator in terms of increasing forum activity towards
creation of good expansions?

I'll be a source of answers to all and Protect this forum from any unwanted
users. At this point the mods have decided that they need another person to help.
I believe I can and will fit the bill.

How would you increase the production of good expansions as a mod
without having to use your powers?

I will give friendly advise and answer anyone's question.

How would you explain a qualified mod by his/her use of power?
To me, Modship is not a power but a responsibilty.


what i see in a mod is a good example for the community. someone who has set a good example for the newomers to thier leader, or sorts
TD: you see someone posting alot of spam, what do you do?
Ness2: thier powers arent for braggin rights, or to tease thier friends with messing eith important stuff, its to help the community by little things like helping isers wth things and locking topics, along with more major things like preventing spammers
TD: suppose the user is new, posting in the wrong topic, how do you handle it?
Arceus: iv seen an instance where a new user did something stupid a mod edited "LALALALLA I AM A STUPID NOOB AND I WILL BE BANNED" in his sentense, the instence is in locked topics
Ness2: second one: first, i would tell them to stop via PM. after repeated PM's r spam is real bad, i would ban them for a small time. every ban would get longer and longer, untill banned infenently
Ness2: i would tell him where to post if its an accident, if he is deliberate. i would send a PM. if he continues, i would do what was written above
Kazegake: are you done?
TD: ok arceus, that was suli, dont pull him out like that he was angry, and Ness, a normal mod cant ban he can only add warn and request a ban, fit that into what you had just said
Kazegake: Nvrmind XD
Poochie bumble: what about me?
TD: im sorry poochie bumble, you must wait your turn
in that case i would simply PM them for the first few times, warning them about spamming or other wrong dooings, (flaming etc.) then request a ban from the admin if i cant handle the situation themselves

So far, Itsame, Ness, and MBS had the best responses of the debate. Itsame gave great, filling answers, MBS sounded like a professional, and Ness had good answers.

Arceus slipped about 4 times. Not all were recorded, but in order of his slips-

1. Sprites are supposed to be PNGs.
2. Bad Taste? BAD TASTE? Isn't anything allowed to be an expansion? There is no bad taste. Someone could make the expansion if they want to download it themselves. If they dont seem creative to you, you dont have to download- you can't direct someone what to make.
3. You dont need mod power to help with expansions. You can tell them tips
and help them without any mod power. If thats all that will be done, its pointless.
4. Tredog- So you're really only running to gain the power that comes with being a mod?

That covers the first election debate.

In Othernews...

we go to TornDragon for breaking news!

"A murder has occured in the expansions forum today. A young man was found laying dead in a red cloak. A knife was in his back, and a note was
attached- 'Shuddafugup Tormod'
That is all"

"Thank you TornDragon. More updates soon!"


Cya guys.
If you want to talk to me, I'll be here.
or you can skype me.
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The Superintendent
The Superintendent

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PostSubject: Re: The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08   Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:16 pm

Weather Time With Dude!

It will stay relatively sunny (or dark, depending on your location). Expect heavy sunny-ness in the next few days.
It might even rain soon! :wee: and in the current time I will get heavy viruses with a bit of computer cleaning!
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PostSubject: Re: The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08   

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The First Mod Election Debate - 9/3/08
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