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 Meet the News Cast

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Tredog Administrator

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Meet the News Cast Empty
PostSubject: Meet the News Cast   Meet the News Cast Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 9:52 pm

Meet the News Cast E5news12
Its time for news! Welcome to Channel 5 Expansions news!
Meet the News Cast E5news12
With tredog 777 on headline news and forum news!
Suliboy on expansions, and specially covering the 2008 mod election
Shadow Kirby on sports and contests
Frost on gaming
TornDragon on breaking news coverage
and Dude5059 on weather.

Meet the News Cast Me
This is Tredog, he is the anouncer of the main headlines of the storys
he will occasionally go in depth with something,
but for the most part he will leave it to the rest of the news team

Meet the News Cast Suli
This is Suliboy, and he is the coverage on SSF2 Expansions, and now temporarily covering
the Mod Elections of '08!

Meet the News Cast Dudes_12
Dude is the newest addition to the news team
he is always one step ahead when it comes to weather
he often joins us with his weather board, to show what predictions are to come

Meet the News Cast Tornne10
Torndragon is here with his job, alittle more special then the others
he posts live, action news, right on the spot!
be sure to check out him in his many diffrent locations!

Meet the News Cast SK
Shadowkirby is here to do Sports
he reports all gaming from forum games to the many contests held here on the expansion forums
He will be the one to tell who has one jackpots and such

Meet the News Cast Frostn10
Frost reports from his post at mcleodgaming, updating our knowledge of ssf2
although he wont leak too much, he will show updates
watch for release dates or New demos in the near future!
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Meet the News Cast
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